What I blog about

Budget Travel & Backpacking

After turning 28 and realising that I had only visited 3 countries, I put together a European Bucket List at the beginning of 2017. As I work my way through the year, ticking off each place, I create various posts and videos to help, inform and update. I travel on the cheap and try to see as much of a place as possible all whilst spending as little as possible. This usually ends up creating some funny Story Posts of me getting lost, running out of food or just general hostel life.

Non-Fiction Book Reviews

It’s no secret that there is a direct correlation between successful people and the amount that they read. Through publishing book reviews it encourages me to read on a daily basis. The categories of books that I will read include marketing, business, self-improvement, psychology and biographies of successful people. For each book, I post a video review on my YouTube channel and a star-rated review on my blog.

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

I’m a digital marketing geek who loves to learn about SEO, WordPress, PPC advertising and anything else to do with creating an income online. By obtaining these skills I have given myself the freedom to be able to work from anywhere in the world – I just need my laptop and a good wi-fi connection. I share my knowledge of working online through various posts to help other people break out of the 9-5 and to live a life more fulfilling.

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More about my blog

I launched littlerozmoments.com on 5th January 2017 to help document my travels, share my knowledge of working online and to create an outlet for my general thoughts and moments.

In such a short time my blog has built up a good social media presence of genuine and engaged followers and my website stats continue to grow month-by-month.

Not wanting to pigeonhole myself into just travel or just online marketing, my blog appeals to those that are a digital nomad at heart. Those that are wanting to say goodbye to the 9-5, work to their own rules and explore the world three times over.

I encourage my audience to strike a balance between learning, working and travelling. And most importantly, not living the same year twice.

My Skills

Digital marketing
Getting lost

How I can help you

Bespoke Package

The best way to make the most impact is to include a bit of everything and to promote your product/service across all platforms. I can work with you to help plan and execute the most cost effective campaign that is going to help give you the best results.

Blog Posts

Through working together and experiencing what you have to offer, I can create honest and in-depth posts to publish on my blog and promote to my readership. All posts are then continually posted and shared throughout all my social media channels.


I can film, edit and create videos that are then uploaded to YouTube and promoted to my subscribers. The videos are then able to be embedded into any accompanying blog posts as well as on your own website and social media pages.

Social Media

I can publish and promote your posts and/or pictures on my social media platforms. I currently have a genuine and engaged followed of over 14,000 digital and travel enthusiasts.

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